NASHVILLE, TN, May 25, 2022—AimLite has been approved by the National Lighting Bureau’s Trusted Warranty Program. This program awards certificates to lighting and lighting component companies that meet the NLB’s objective quality standards and practices for warranty administration.

Mary Beth Gotti, NLB Chair stated, “We are excited that AimLite sought and achieved the Trusted Warranty Evaluation Program certification.  The TWEP is an independent validator for their warranty program.”

The National Lighting Bureau assesses companies based on five criteria: formal warranty process, warranty language, length of business/warranty insurance, technical evaluation, and claims review evaluation. In demonstrating quality and reliability across these 5 categories, companies give industry stakeholders confidence in their manufacturers.

To learn how to apply for a certificate, click here.

About the NLB

The National Lighting Bureau is an independent, IRS-recognized not-for-profit, educational foundation that has served as a trusted lighting-information source since 1976. The NLB is focused on Promoting Lighting Excellence™ and helping the lighting industry solve its business problems.  The NLB exists to create demand for High Benefit Lighting®—efficient lighting designed to optimize human performance, health, safety, and commerce by educating and acknowledging those who make and influence decisions about lighting.   The Bureau provides its services to the public free of charge, thanks to the generous funding of the organization’s sponsors: professional societies, trade associations, labor unions, manufacturers, and agencies of the U.S. government.

About AimLite

AimLite is a proud manufacturer of lighting products based in Montreal and specializes particularly in emergency lighting. With a strong network of agents across the country, AimLite develops and distributes quality products to the entire Canadian market.