Staying true to its mission, the NLB created the Tesla Awards to honor lighting projects that provide lighting that promotes human performance, health and wellness, safety and security, commerce and the reduction in light pollution. The winning projects showcase the value of lighting, but they also demonstrate the best practices. Read to learn more and submit for the Tesla Awards below.


The Tesla Awards program is open to new construction or retrofit lighting projects for all types of indoor and outdoor applications. Anyone may enter a project. Lighting design and implementation teams may include lighting designers, manufacturers, agents, distributors, facility managers or engineers, building owners and occupants.


The National Lighting Bureau is announcing the Call for Entries for the 5th annual Tesla Awards. This program recognizes excellence in lighting projects that, through the creative use of lighting systems and controls, illustrate the value of lighting including but not limited to: improved visual performance, promotion of health and wellness, environmental impact including reduced light pollution/preservation of nighttime lighting quality, enhanced safety and security, and increased overall occupant satisfaction. The main intent of the Tesla Awards is to promote best practices for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor lighting applications. The program aims to do more than highlight beautiful architecture by recognizing projects that provide a narrative and “how to” guide for others with similar application challenges.


Judging criteria includes innovation, Application effectiveness – adherence to high quality lighting principles; includes effectiveness of the user interface, Energy effectiveness – includes controls strategy, Universality – how readily the design applies to other applications, and Sustainability – includes ease of maintenance, use of recycled materials in product/packaging or materials that are recyclable, and other environmental measures).
Special credit points can be awarded at the discretion of the judges for extra project challenge and project impact – e.g., budget, timing, location challenges/limitations, and social benefit (community impact, pro bono projects, historic preservation, etc.)

Submissions Extended to January 25, 2024

Anyone may enter a lighting design project for the Tesla Awards. Projects to submit should have been completed within the 2021, 2022, or 2023 calendar years. Submissions should be entered via the designated online submittal process found below. For more questions please contact Mary Beth Gotti at marybgotti@gmail.com.

Tesla Awards Ceremony

Winners will be announced during LEDucation 19-20, 2024 in New York City. The National Lighting Bureau will conduct the Tesla Award Ceremony at the NLB booth. All LEDucation attendees and Tesla Award Winners are invited to watch and participate. The awards run for 30 minutes. The exact date and time will be announced closer to the date. We wish all nominees Good luck!
Tesla Submission Application

5th Annual Tesla Awards 2024

Submission Application

Deadline to Submit: January 12th, 2024

Name of the person submitting the entry:

Primary Lighting Designer:

Project Summary

In 500 words or less, describe why the lighting design is successful and deserving of an NLB Telsa Award. In particular, describe the intent of the lighting design and how the lighting objectives were achieved, including particular challenges that were faced and overcome. Focus end-user benefits including, but not limited to: Health and Wellness, Productivity, Safety and Security, Visual Comfort, Control of Light Pollution, Retail/Commercial Performance, and Entertainment.

Upload up to 10 slides or drawings, .JPG or .JPEG format, not to exceed 10MB each. Include a brief description of each image or drawing.

Additional Project Information