NLB Annual Lighting Forum Focuses on Healthy Lighting

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The science is just beginning, but do we wait? Without light, our circadian rhythm would be more than 24 hours—it’s light that plays the role as regulator. A just-released video of a panel discussion, To Your Health, is now available for free viewing or download. Watch and listen here.

Brentwood, TN, December 16, 2019–Some lighting designers are sitting back and waiting for the experts to tell them what to do regarding Circadian Supportive Lighting—others are going forward in a big way. The industry may not agree on the same numbers, but there is consensus that more light in the day is good for our circadian systems. The question is do we wait for more research and more discussion or do we begin implementing what we know today.

Three experts comprised a panel that discussed these issues at the National Lighting Bureau’s Annual Lighting Forum. The Bureau has just released a video recording of the discussion, titled “To Your Health,” now available for free viewing or download.

Randy Reid, the NLB Executive Director and Editor of the EdisonReport moderated the panel. The experts were:

· Karen Murphy, HDR

· Jay Goodman, Healthe, a Lighting Science Company

· Omar Rivera, formerly with LEDVANCE and now with Orion Energy Systems

The panel defines and discusses the importance of circadian balance during the day, which helps people sleep at night. Mr. Rivera gives a specific recommendation for blue light reduction at night. Ms. Murphy discusses the importance of finding early adopters in an effort to get better metrics. Mr. Goodman emphasizes the importance of the peak melanopic sensitivity of the retinal ganglion cells. He explains that sunlight has a lot of natural 480-nanometer peak, which is lacking in typical LEDs.

Watch and listen to the panel discussion here.
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