Welcome to the National Lighting Bureau

We exist to create demand for High-Benefit Lighting®— efficient lighting designed to optimize human performance, health, safety, and commerce — by educating those who make and influence decisions about lighting. The NLB offers educational videos from the Bureau’s Annual Lighting Forum, lighting research from accredited University and research centers, and we feature members’ articles about the future of High Benefit Lighting.

Our Mission

Our mission is to champion excellence and innovation in lighting design, technology, and application. The NLB focuses on the betterment of society and the environment by creating demand for High-Benefit Lighting. We are committed to advancing best lighting practices to create an inviting, healthier, and more sustainable future. The NLB is sponsored by professional societies, trade associations, manufacturers, unions, utilities, and agencies of the federal government.

Articles and News Releases

NLB staff develops original articles and news releases for magazines and journals with targeted readerships (e.g., building owners and managers, plant engineers, health-care facility administrators, retail executives, office managers, school-board members, college and university personnel, law-enforcement officials, and the general public). The articles provide guidance for achieving High-Benefit Lighting and other important information people need to know to put lighting to work for them.


The NLB offers educational materials to help nontechnical, lighting decision-makers understand lighting and the lighting issues and choices facing them. Also available free of charge are videos from the Bureau’s Annual Lighting Forum, a Lighting Designer Directory, feature articles, and more.


The NLB has produced guidebooks to help nontechnical, lighting decision-makers understand lighting and the lighting issues and choices facing them.

Tesla Awards

The Tesla Awards™ are the NLB’s way of honoring excellence in new construction and retrofit lighting designs that enhance the value of lighting for people. Projects will be evaluated based on how well they demonstrate improved visual performance, enhanced occupant satisfaction, or improved safety and security, and support current thinking on light and health recommendations. Eligible projects include indoor and outdoor lighting for commercial, institutional, residential, industrial and municipal projects completed within the calendar year.

Transformation Awards

The Transformation Awards recognize excellence in lighting retrofit projects – defined as those projects involving minimum alteration of existing building materials. Through the creative use of lighting systems and controls, these projects should illustrate the value of lighting, including but not limited to improved visual performance, promotion of health and wellness, environmental impact including reduced light pollution/preservation of nighttime lighting quality, enhanced safety and security, and increased overall occupant satisfaction..

Board of Directors


Mary Beth Gotti

Vice Chair

Paul Pompeo

Pompeo Group

Karen Willis

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
Jeremy Yon
Industry Relations Leader



Mark Lien
Lighting Industry Consultant
Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
Augmented Illumination
Howard P. Lewis
Specification Sales
Spectro Lume, LLC
Terry McGowan
Director of Engineering
American Lighting Association (ALA)
Cary Mendelsohn, CLMC
Chief Executive Officer
Imperial Lighting Maintenance Company
Jim Yorgey


Sean T. Tegart
President and CEO
Biological Innovations and Optimization Systems, LLC (BIOS Lighting)

TBD Head of Product Marketing

Paul Pompeo
Pompeo Group

Office of the Chief Architect
U.S. General Services Administration

Chad Nienhuis
General Manager
A+ Lighting Solutions, LLC
Jane White
EVP, Sales and Marketing

Kevin Tighe
Vice President of Labor Relations and Field Service

Dan Kennedy
Director of Corporate Marketing 

Jon Perper
Chief Executive Officer
Zled Lighting

Karsten Fetten
VP of Product Management
Andrew Koch
Kurtzon Lighting

Christina Peña
Marketing Coordinator
New Star Lighting

Chris Holstein
VP, Product Management
Universal Lighting Technologies

Ruskin Hartley
Executive Director
International Dark Sky Association