Healthe by Lighting Science Hosts Lighting Panel at New York Digital

Cocoa Beach, FL, Sept. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Healthe by Lighting Science recently hosted a symposium featuring renowned circadian lighting experts Dr. Steven Lockley, Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Fred Maxik, founder of Lighting Science, and company CEO Khim Lee. Guests gained valuable insights into the use of light in design and the circadian and technological benefits of biological lighting.  Healthe has recently expanded its circadian lighting product line to include specification-grade architectural lighting systems with enhanced biological benefits.

Dr. Lockley, who is also an advisor to Lighting Science, highlighted several recent studies showing that light has a direct effect on one’s alertness, performance, and sleep. He explained the scientific advances made over the last decade in our understanding how light affects the brain and the benefits of better lighting on health and wellbeing. Members of the audience, particularly the designers, were fascinated by Dr. Lockley’s findings on the role that light spectrum plays on the benefits of light and the need to ensure that other environmental design elements, such as paint color and furnishings, complement the lighting choice whether in the home, office or classroom.

Fred Maxik, CTO of Healthe, noted, “We are standing at the precipice of a unique time in the history of solid-state lighting technology.  No longer does light merely represent the absence of darkness.” Maxik continued, “With the advances of modern LED technology, we now have the power to control the inherent properties of light to influence not only our environment, but also our physical biology.”

Lee concluded the symposium, stating, “We’re making progress on working with and informing the design industry on the importance of light and how to implement its benefits, but we still have some ways to go. Many designers retain preconceived notions about blue-enriched white light and its overall impact and aesthetic. Healthe light products dismantle those outdated beliefs, as you can see for yourself.”

Today, Dr. Lockley is advancing this research in a pilot study at Harvard University’s Lowell House, an undergraduate residence.  The study utilizes Healthe’s circadian lighting products and measures how circadian lighting affect students.

Healthe by Lighting Science plays a highly influential role in the design industry regarding light and its effect on health. Developed alongside NASA scientists, Healthe’s products sync with the body’s circadian clock and improve the overall quality of life for individuals. Healthe products are designed to ensure exposure to the right light at the right time. GoodDay® lights enhance the right type of blue light to help increase alertness and productivity, as in natural sunlight; Healthe’s GoodNight® lights, however, are depleted in the alerting 480nm blue wavelengths, helping to promote the brain’s natural response to sunset and enable a better nights’ sleep.

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