Healthe Expands Circadian Lighting SunTrac Ecosystem

Healthe has expanded of its SunTrac Ecosystem with the addition of a dynamic panel light and control device for motion and daylight sensing. The SunTrac Panel Light augments the SunTrac fixture line, providing a selection of products designed to enable health and wellbeing within the built environment. The Motion & Daylight Sensor utilizes motion and ambient lighting data to increase energy efficiency and provide an enhanced user experience.

The SunTrac ecosystem provides energy-efficient, easy-to-use lighting solutions by utilizing luminaires that produce engineered spectrums, are optimized for both daytime and nighttime use, and deploy a variety of wireless Bluetooth control devices. The new luminous panel light is edge-lit and glare-free, appearing like a skylight as it tracks the sun’s changing spectrum throughout the day. The panel has a CCT range of 2500K to 4500K, with an m/p ratio of .3 and .9 respectively, and is available in 1×4, 2×2 and 2×4 configurations.

The SunTrac Daylight & Motion Sensor turns energy code requirements into interior enhancements, with soft ons, offs and imperceptible intensity changes. Self-powered and wireless, it detects motion and daylight levels to provide appropriate lighting for the given space. Thresholds for ambient light levels and timing for motion sensor responses can be easily customized using the SunTrac App. Gradual power ups and downs along with smooth intensity transitions create a welcoming and uniquely comfortable visual experience, avoiding distracting, abrupt changes in light output.

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