The National Lighting Bureau in collaboration with the Light and Health Research Center have launched a new webinar series entitled “Let’s Talk about Light and Health.”

In the opening episode Mariana Figueiro, the Light and Research Center at Mt. Sinai founder, sat down with Randy Reid, the Executive Director for the National Lighting Bureau to discuss light and its importance for us and our families. The first webinar was sponsored by LEDVANCE and entitled, “Your Daily Light.  How does Light Impact Your Health?”

160 people attended and many were outside of the lighting industry.

Key segments:

At 2:40. Dr. Figueiro outlines the logistics of the move to the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine

At 7:04.  Dr. Figueiro discusses health equity. Did you know that oxygen sensors are not as accurate on darker skin patients?

At 12:24. Dr. Figueiro expresses what she would like to see occur in the light and health environment in the next 25 years.

At 17:16. Dr. Figueiro responds to a question pertaining to the diametrically opposed lighting needs for nocturnal healthcare workers and their patients. Can this be accomplished?

At 31:59. Dr. Figueiro states simple actions to assist with circadian entrainment.

The next session will be February 28,th and is entitled: Out of the womb: Lighting up the NICU with Robert White, MD. Sign up here