On 9 MAR,  the NLB published another webinar in their Annual Lighting Forum series. It was entitled The Direction of Circadian Lighting and Circadian Science featuring Dr. Mariana Figueiro, Adam Lilien and Dr. Mark Rea.  Watch the full video here

Below are highlights of the discussion:

00:55  Find out why they decided to move to Mt. Sinai

07:08 Adam Lilien explains why UL is involved in circadian health

08:09   Is color important in circadian health?

14:22  Dr. Rea discusses the importance of mtetrics

17:10  Adam Lilien discusses UL Design Guideline 24480

23:48  Dr. Figueiro discusses the positive clinical results 

27:14  Dr Rea discusses skepticism 

34:37  Adam Lilien discusses the starting point

35:14  Q&A starts here