NLB’s 2nd Annual Art & Science of Lighting Award

An open letter to lighting specifiers only

Now that you have wrapped up real and virtual lighting trade show conferences for 2021, the NLB would like your help. Nominate the best lighting products launched in 2021 for the NLB 2021 Art and Science of Lighting Awards. One product will be selected for the Art of Lighting and another for the Science of Lighting Awards. Winners will be announced at LEDucation 2022.

Send your nominations with the product name and manufacturer to  by December 31, 2021. Nominations will only be accepted from lighting specifiers. Thank you!

The Science of Lighting Award

A lighting product introduced in 2021 that demonstrates exceptional technical innovation that significantly improves how effectively and efficiently high-quality lighting can be specified and installed, or introduces new applications to high-quality lighting opportunities.

The Art of Lighting Award

A lighting product introduced in 2021 that provides outstanding aesthetic appeal and high quality lighting, based on the innovative use of lighting technology, materials or sculptural forms.

About National Lighting Bureau (NLB)

The NLB is focused on Promoting Lighting Excellence™ and helping the lighting industry solve its business problems. The NLB exists to create demand for High Benefit Lighting®–efficient lighting designed to optimize human performance, health, safety, and commerce—by educating those who make and influence decisions about lighting.  Obtain more information about the Bureau by contacting its staff at 615-379-7707, or visiting its website (, where information about sponsorship also is available.

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