Last month, the National Lighting Bureau and Women in Lighting + Design (WILD) hosted a discussion entitled “WILD:  Motherhood in the Workplace,” with:

  • Helen Diemer, Principal at The Lighting Practice, Inc.
  • Andrea Hartranft, Principal at Hartranft Lighting Desing, LLC
  • Tanya Hernandez, Vice President, Government & Industry Relations at Acuity Brands
  • Paula Martinez-Nobles, Principal at Fisher Marantz Stone
  • Nancy Stathes, President of Nanometer Lighting

This past week, they held a follow-up Q&A session with the five panelists from the original discussion.  Watch the full video here.

Below are highlights of the discussion:

01:43  How did choosing to be a working mother impact your career?

10:35  What are specific things that can be done to help mothers in the workforce?

14:07  What policies, such as FMLA, do companies offer to help mothers?  How does this differ between large and small companies?

26:29  What role does company culture play?  How has that changed in recent years?

43:18  Select a word to help inspire or guide the next generation of women.

Q&A Session

50:25  Is there a parenthood penalty, in terms of advancement, both for people who have children and people who don’t?

57:26  Why are there separate/different leave policies for fathers and adoptive parents?

1:04:52  How do you deal with discrimination you might face as a working mom?

1:12:09  What advice would you give when starting to plan a family?

1:17:13  Should we challenge the status quo of the 40-hour work week?