Universal Lighting Technologies Partners with ESL-Spectrum Lighting

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 1, 2020) – Universal Lighting Technologies, a global leader in commercial lighting and a member of the Panasonic family of companies, recently announced a partnership with ESL-Spectrum Lighting. Based in Indianapolis, with remote offices in Fort Wayne and South Bend, the agency will represent Universal Lighting Technologies in lighting solutions, from architectural to general projects, across the state of Indiana.
“We’re thrilled to partner with an agency who provides extensive market knowledge with a commitment to building strong relationships with their customers,” said Eric Schlechtweg, Universal’s Eastern Region Director of Sales. “ESL-Spectrum’s diversified experience gives us confidence their team will continue to go above and beyond to expand the reach of Universal’s lighting solution. This new territory support allows us to serve more markets and provide growing support for our distributors.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the design community and electrical industry, ESL-Spectrum Lighting provides state-of-the-art education, design and services, specializing in energy management and LED lighting controls. Their broad product expertise and commitment to customer education enables them to ensure their client’s and manufacturer’s principals meet the ever-changing demands of the electrical trade.

About ESL-Spectrum
We are committed to providing state-of-the-art education, design, and service in the areas of lighting, water effects, and controls to the design community and electrical industry. Energy management and LED lighting are dynamic and innovative markets where we are always ahead of the curve. We assist architects, designers, engineers, contractors, and end users to meet their needs and maximize energy efficiency while providing the best design possible within budgetary constraints. Learn more about ESL-Spectrum at www.esl-spectrum.com. Like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.
Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. a member of the Panasonic group and a subsidiary of Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc., engineers, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for commercial lighting across North America, including LED drivers, LED modules, fluorescent, HID and connected devices using wired and wireless technology. Universal’s EVERLINE® LED retrofit continuum provides a range of solutions for upgrading fluorescent to LED. With over 70 years of experience, the company is recognized for its commitment to quality and customer service. Learn more about Universal at www.unvlt.com. Like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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